Special Event Vendor Agreement

Historic Valley Junction Event Vendor Agreement

All vendors must agree to the following terms. Vendors who violate the terms of the agreement may be removed from an event without refund.

Clean-up and Trash Removal

Vendors must provide tables, chairs, brooms, dustpans, and their own garbage removal. Any vendor serving food must place a tarp or mat under the space to protect the street from grease spills. Grease spills may not be left on the street as it is dangerous and also gets tracked into stores. All vendors are responsible for cleaning their stalls at the end of each market. All garbage must be removed. Garbage MAY NOT be placed in any city trash bin, private dumpsters, event trash box, or left on the curb. These are for customers only.  Failure to follow these standards is a violation of these policies and procedures and repeat offenders may be removed from the event without refund of dues. Additional trash maintenance fees will be applied if necessary.

Sales Tax

It is each vendor’s responsibility to know if they are required to collect and remit Iowa Sales Tax. HVJF does not accept responsibility for vendors who fail to meet this obligation. Vendors who are required to remit sales tax must have a permanent valid Sales Tax Permit. Temporary sales tax permits are no longer issued. Failure to respond and reply to sales tax inquires by the Internal Revenue Service will eliminate vendors from future participation in Valley Junction Special Events. For questions, please call the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance at (515) 281-3114.

Health Inspection

All Special Event vendors are required to comply with the State of Iowa Public Health regulations governing the preparation, handling, and presentation of food. Prepared food vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits required by the State of Iowa. Please be aware that the policy for obtaining a food license for temporary events has changed. You now must have your food license prior to the event. If you do not have a license in advance, you will be required to shut down your operation, completely fill out the application, and you cannot reopen until inspected and approved by the inspector. Vendors are encouraged to contact the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals at (515) 281-7102 with any questions or concerns regarding product regulations, licensing, and fees. HVJF is not responsible for health permits/inspections.

Liability Insurance

All Valley Junction event vendors are required to have a current Certificate of Liability Insurance for the minimum amount of $1,000,000 on file with HVJF. This certificate must be submitted by all vendors. Historic Valley Junction Foundation (HVJF) must be listed as the Certificate Holder/Additional Insured. Please note that a copy of your insurance policy does not satisfy this requirement. You may have your insurance agent email a copy of the certificate directly to HVJF at events@valleyjunction.com. Insurance requirements will not be waived for any Valley Junction event vendors. 

Electricity and Generators

Electricity is not available for vendors at Valley Junction eventsIf you require electricity for your merchandise, you are required to provide your own generator. All generators must be muffled to respect Valley Junction residents, merchants and customers. (Suggested generator – Honda EU3000is or equivalent). Without refunding vendor fees, HVJF may request a vendor to leave if the vendor’s generator is deemed too loud. Vendors attempting to use electricity outlets located on or near Valley Junction trees or buildings will be immediately removed from the event without refund. These outlets are for HVJF use and may not be used by event vendors.

Valley Junction Gift Certificates & Tickets

Vendors are expected and agree to accept Valley Junction Gift Certificates. Vendors will be reimbursed for the full amount of the gift certificate. All Valley Junction gift certificates will have the Valley Junction logo on them, as well as a staff member’s signature. Event volunteers are given Valley Junction tickets to spend during special events. Vendors are expected and agree to accept Valley Junction tickets. Valley Junction event tickets redeemed at $1 per ticket. Vendors may turn in gift certificates or tickets for reimbursement during non-event hours (HVJF office hours are 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday-Friday). Reimbursement checks will be issued within 30 days.


By renting a space from Historic Valley Junction Foundation (HVJF), all vendors agree not to hold HVJF, its members, staff or board of directors responsible for damage of any kind. Vendors assume all responsibility for the operation of their booth, and any damages or injuries that may occur in that area during normal event hours or from consumption of products or goods. This includes all lawsuits, demands and claims including court costs, legal fees, and damages. Vendors are also responsible for any loss or damages HVJF may incur on their behalf including, but not limited to court costs and attorney fees. All merchandise will be handled and displayed at the vendor’s risk and HVJF assumes no responsibility for theft, accident or natural disaster. The undersigned agrees to indemnity and hold the sponsors of HVJF events harmless in regard to all liability for any damages to personal property, for any loss of life or personal injury or theft of property that may be sustained in connection with this event. I further give approval for HVJF to use photographs taken at this event, which might include my work, for publicity purposes.

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