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LOVE Valley Junction

About the Event


Valley Junction is full of LOVE stories. We want to hear yours!

Tell us about, falling in LOVE, in Valley Junction, why you LOVE Valley Junction, or why you #LOVELocal!

Share your Valley Junction LOVE story with us and you could win a gift basket full #LoveLocal prizes.

How does it work?

  1. Submit your story of 250 words or less and a photo if you have one or a video online starting February 1.
  2. Stories will be shared on the Valley Junction website and social media channels.
  3. Share your story via social media and encourage everyone you know to vote for your story starting February 22 through February 28.
  4. The story with the most votes is the winner. The winner will be announced on March 1.

Things to Note:

  • Stories will be published within 48 hours of being received.
  • Starting on February 22, voting will begin and run through midnight on February 28.
  • The winning story will be announced on Monday, March 1, 2021.
  • Photos should be no larger than 20MB and in .jpg or .png format and videos should be under 100 MB, less than 3 minutes.

Public Voting

Voting will take place on Facebook starting on February 22 and goes until midnight on February 28.


LOVE Valley Junction Stories

Story Number 1: What would you do for love?

When the small car dealer in Valley Junction brought a bear to town….my boyfriend tried to impress me by wrestling that bear!!

Wow…was I impressed.!!

How many boyfriends would do that for their girl???

Thank you Georgia Speed for submitting your Valley Junction LOVE Story.


Story Number 2: Our Love Story Happened in Valley Junction

My husband and I went on our first date to the spring art festival in 2000.

We celebrate our wedding anniversary by attending the spring art festival each year, and have had many many wonderful evenings at Vino 209.

Thank you Janet Bergeron for sharing your Valley Junction LOVE story.


Story Number 3 – I am Home!

In 1999, I moved here from Connecticut and I knew only one person. I didn’t have a job for a while, when I was bored I took walks. One day I walked to a place called “Valley Junction,” on 5th Street in West Des Moines. I walked up and down the street, looking into every shop window, I fell in love that day. It reminded me of a place back home I loved, called Essex Village. It had that same atmosphere. I started to go everyday and meeting many people who worked there. Standing out, Diane, Karen, Polly and Cathy who had stores in “The Antique Mall”. I worked there eventually for fun. I went to all the events they had, Farmer’s Market, Art Festival, and Antique Jamboree’s.

One day I met a great guy, “Ponch,” everyone knew him, he was super kind and told me all about Valley Junction and the events. He introduced me to many people, like Ed and Betty and Catherine who owned Memory Lane. I became a vendor there three years ago selling miniatures of everything! Today we are best of friends Ponch and I! So thank you Valley Junction, and Ponch, for making me feel like I belong here; with wonderful friends I am Home!

Anita Symington thank you for submitting your Valley Junction LOVE story.



My LOVE affair with Historic Valley Junction began on a cold, windy day in March of 2006 when I applied for a job at the HVJ Foundation. What a lovely place to call home for many years.

The residents of Valley Junction have such a great history and sense of pride for their hometown. Their LOVE is passionate.

The business owners and employees in Valley Junction possess a strong sense of community. Their LOVE is unwavering.

The property owners who maintain/improve the historic buildings are heroes. Their LOVE is powerful.

The event-goers, shoppers and visitors are fun-loving and supportive. Their LOVE is crucial.

The government and private entities that provide financial support are imperative. Their LOVE is appreciated.

The event volunteers/musicians/staff/vendors are essential. Their LOVE is selfless.

Although my job was eliminated last year, my LOVE for Valley Junction lives on indefinitely. A former HVJF board member once referred to Historic Valley Junction as the Switzerland of the DM Metro. I believe she is correct. The central meeting place in Rome is the Piazza di Spagna. New Orleans has Jackson Square. We are fortunate to enjoy and LOVE VALLEY JUNCTION!

Thank you Jamie Lamb for sharing your LOVE Valley Junction story with us!
Story Number 5 – Grandmother’s Love
My grandmother Lucille, started her Beauty Shop when she was 16 at 5th & Maple where Let Them Eat Cake is currently located. I spent many a day with her as a child and would walk over to the pharmacy for goodies. She instilled such a love of Valley Junction in me. I spent many years living in the 400 Block of 7th St. and most Friday evenings would be spent eating and browsing in Valley Junction. The history is amazing and I love Valley Junction!
Thank you Leslie McCleary for sharing your LOVE Valley Junction story with us!


March 1 (all day)



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